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Welcome to Retronix Semiconductor!

Retronix Semiconductor is an experienced global engineering services and general contractor company serving the semiconductor and high tech manufacturing industries. We offer flexible labor, equipment and facility support for some of the world’s leading OEMs and IDMs.

Since 1992, we’ve achieved recognition and respect for placing high performing engineers and technicians when and where they’re needed in job sites around the world. We’re also highly sought after for our turnkey equipment relocation and facility management services, whether it is a full fab de-installation or single-tool relocation. We pride ourselves in getting your job done right and on time. 



About Retronix

We are a leading provider of technical solutions for the global semiconductor industry.

Our dedicated team has over 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry and in the field which allows them to match you with jobs that suit your individual requirements, for short or long term contracts.

At Retronix Semiconductor our staffing managers are dedicated to ensuring they hire the best candidates for each project. Our recruitment team works hard to ensure that engineers and technicians are a good fit for the role, and are happy with the project and location.

Our knowledge base allows us to pinpoint jobs that will be building blocks for your career. 

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